The Moonwrap is a life saver when it comes to staying warm outdoors. Whether you’re wet or dry, the Moonwrap will soon warm you up. We designed the Moonwrap to withstand those muddy, wet, sandy days using durable, high quality materials. It’s also super easy to wash and wipe clean! Inside the Moonwrap there is a large internal waterproof zipper pocket. This can be handy to store items in if you’re running around, getting changed or warming up. The Moonwrap also has two extra large external pockets which are fleece lined. These are both zippable to keep your hands warm or keep items in while getting changed. The Frostfire Moonwrap has a fleece-lined hood to ensure you stay warm when you are getting changed or wearing the Moonwrap. It can also be used like a towel to dry your hair. 100% Waterproof & Windproof outer shell (100% Nylon) – Ultra warm synthetic fleece lining everywhere inside (30% Acrylic – 70% Polyester) – 3/4 Length Sleeves with wide easy-change cuffs. – Fleece lined waterproof zip pockets with easy fasteners – 2-way Reversible zip – Hanging Loop ONE SIZE KIDS AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT US ....

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