The Waterproof W50 is a 5mm thick, very comfortable and high specification rear entry wetsuit that builds upon the success of the W series wetsuits and has been designed primarily for temperate waters rather than tropical temperatures. The W50 is made from UltraFlex neoprene that allows the suit to easy flex around your body as you move, minimising water flow within the suit and therefore helping to keep you water. The suit has a full length back zip with long pull cord for easier self closure and opening of the zip. An internal baffle piece helps to minimise water entry through the teeth of the zip and provide a cushioning layer between your back and zip. An adjustable closure tab allows for a custom fit around the neck and the clever velcro tab will only secure to the velcro loop tab rather than scuffing and damaging the neoprene around it. The cuffs feature an anti-slip patches on both wrists to provide dives computers a extra grippy surface to fit to and help prevent them slipping off during the dive. A similar anti-slip surface is applied to the shoulders to help BCD straps in place and also to the rear seat area to help slipping around on the boat whilst getting ready for your dive. The knees are covered by a very strong and abrasion resistant material called ToughTex that is designed to prolong the live of the suit in the high wear areas. The W50 is fitted with ankle zips that can help get the suit over feet when getting the suit on and off. The ankle zips can also be used in conjunction with dive boots to create an overlapping baffle that helps to minimise water entry to both the feet and into the suit during the dive. The W50 also supports the fitment of the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock or WPAD which is a removable pocket that can be bought separately to quick and easy storage of small items directly on the wetsuit.

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