The Waterproof W1 5mm wetsuit is an innovative and award-winning wetsuit. Constructed of 100% Microcell CR Neoprene, this wetsuit is crafted with durability and insulation in mind. A 3D sculpted suit, the W1 5mm comes with pre-bent arms and legs, allowing for the maximum anatomical fit. As well as this it comes with 3D moulded vulcanised rubber knee pads which allow for unrestricted leg movement. The W1 5mm was designed with protection in mind, featuring an 11mm thick spine pas with a contoured design, which offers additional protection to key areas such as the kidneys and spine. The WaterDam concept, developed by Waterproof, stops water from streaming down the back of the neck when a diver moves their head. Key Benefits 100% Microcell CR Neoprene - Constructed with durability and insulation in mind, the Microcell CR Neoprene is far ahead of other Neoprene variations, meaning that it offers the best possible insulation while you dive. 3D Sculpted - The 3D sculpted suit means that it comes with pre-bent arms and legs, meaning that it will be a great fit from day one. Gripped Seat - Non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection is offered on the back of the suit by polyurethane embossing, meaning that this suit is well equipped to deal with the trickiest of surfaces. Computer Strap Anchor - This anchor comes with an anti slip surface which keeps the computer in place when you are removing gloves or compressing the suit. High Visibility - A reflective logo on the back of the suit means that you will be easy to see while on a dive. Compass Holder - The suit comes with a unique multi optional platform that holds a compass as standard. Comfort In Mind - The zipper opening on the front of the suit is on the side of the neck, meaning that the suit is more comfortable while on and adds flexibility for the neck. Gender Specific - With female divers in mind, the W1 5mm has comfortable support and lift, making sure divers are comfortable at all times. Easy Movement - Wave flex panels in the hollow of the arms and legs mean that the suit is designed to make movement even easier. Extra Protection - Toughtex abrasion resistance paired with embossed elbow protection offer even more protection for divers. HOW TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE OF YOUR SUIT ASK SOMEONE TO TAKE YOUR BODY MEASUREMENTS. When taking your measurements, it is important that you stand up straight and that you keep the measuring tape as close to the body as possible. See below on how to measure and write down your measurements.

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