Mares Cyborg Water Sports Mask The problem when driving a RIB in rough weather is that you can end up being constantly doused with seawater from the bow spray. One solution is to use a diving mask to help you see, but this creates two problems. Firstly, diving masks tend to give you tunnel vision when used out of water. Secondly, because they enclose your nose, you have to breathe through your mouth or end up with a steamed-up glass. Mares has come up with a solution in the shape of the Cyborg mask. The mask is a kind of grown-up swimming goggles. It offers terrific field of vision due to the curved lens and wraps around your face rather like a pair of sports sunglasses. It is also quite flexible and will mould to fit almost any shape of face. At only 100g they are a lot lighter than a traditional diving mask. Besides being invaluable when driving a RIB in rough weather. For swimming, surfing and sailing – they are especially useful for users of contact lenses. We have yellow or green available

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