The Tusa Freedom Tina (M-1002) is a single lens mask designed for women to be more feminine and comfortable than the traditional unisex masks. Made with TUSA’s Freedom Technology, the mask has a dimpled skirt surface with varied silicone thickness as well as stability ridges and a low-friction skirt surface. These features mean that the mask reduces the chances of leakage is key areas around the cheek and nose while still providing great levels of comfort and fit. The Freedom Tina is also designed with comfort in mind. The 3D mask strap on the mask is designed to fit naturally around the curvature of the head, making it more comfortable and a better fit than the more traditional flat mask strap. The quick adjust buckle system on the mask is constructed to make adjusting the fit and comfort of the mask quick and easy. The one-window design of the mask also means that it provides a great range of view. Key Benefits 3D Mask Strap - TUSA’s 3D mask strap is designed to fit around the natural curvature of the head and offer unparalleled levels of comfort. Meaning that the mask should be a great fit for any diver. Accessory Dock - An accessory dock on the side of the Freedom Tina is perfect for personalising this mask. Add charms or stickers if you like to make your mask stand out from the rest. Designed for Comfort - A round edge skirt around the mask is cross-sectioned with a soft fit to suppress pressure and reduce the creases left on the face after use. This means the mask provides a great level of comfort and fit. Designed for Women - The Freedom Tina is designed for women divers and is more comfortable and feminine than traditional unisex masks. This makes it perfect for women divers looking for a more tailored mask. Great View - The single window design of the mask means that it provides a great range of view with less blind spots than a two window mask, making your view in the water as wide as possible. Freedom Technology - TUSA’s Freedom Technology means this mask has dimpled skirt surface with varied silicone thickness as well as stability ridges to enhance fit and performance. The Freedom Technology is there to make sure that this mask performs well in any conditions. Quick Adjust Buckle - The quick adjust buckle on the side of the mask makes adjusting it to fit perfectly as easy as possible. This feature is designed to make sure that the mask is as functional as possible.

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