1st stage membrane MC9 overcompensated, very modern but at the same time, easy to maintain and very robust and reliable. The thickness of the body walls have been optimized to minimize its weight (380 g). A semi-flexible elastomer sleeve protects the 1st stage of shock and erosions. The HP seat is made of stainless steel AISI316. Apart from the possibility of substitution in case of damage when servicing the composition of the seat, much harder than traditional brass fixed seats, longer service life and better resists the deforming action of the metal particles that may be introduced from the bottle. Valve high strength polyurethane, oils and the mixtures hyperoxic. The overcompensation mechanism ensures a slight increase of the intermediate pressure as the pressure drops of the bottle. The regulator therefore provides the maximum level of performance in the final stage of the dive, notoriously the most critical. An advanced study of the internal air circulation and a camera exclusive distribution channels the air volume outputs directly to the LP minimum levels have allowed pressure drop in forced breaths (0.5 bar), ensuring a high use performance in any situation. The MC9 optionally has an insulation kit and anti-freezing SC (Sealed Chamber) which completely isolates the diaphragm and spring from contact with water, making it suitable to operate in extremely low temperature and with very dirty water. Especially effective filter shaped hat. Large effective filtering surface acts as the base and around the side of the cylinder with an area of ​​280 mm2 development. Inserted without circlip because it is blocked by the connecting nut to the faucet. 2 HP ports and 4 LP It supplied in version INT (stapes) and DIN 300 bar. The thread of the DIN version is made of stainless steel instead of brass to ensure greater resistance in case of falls or blows. Technical specifications: - Output High Pressure (HP) 2 - 7/16 "Outputs Low Pressure (LP) 4 - 3/8" - System / compensation: overcompensated membrane filter type hat without circlip - Rotating turret: no - Air flow supplied 3000 L / min (*) - Intermediate pressure 9-10 bar Fall intermediate pressure (150 bar) 0.5-1 bar - Outdoor Regulation LP: yes (Allen wrench) . - Weight: 615g Int / DIN 480 g - Supply pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar - Supply pressure (DIN connection) 0-300 bar - Pressure 9.2-9.6 bar taraje - Scale taraje regulation +/- 0.5 bar (*) Values ​​measured in a LP outlet with second stage connected and 150 bar pressure in the bottle.

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