Kit consisting of 1st stage AC2, 2nd stage XS Compact Silver (black hose), 2nd stage Octopus XS Compact (yellow hose). FIRST STAGE AC2: Simple piston first stage, an economical, linear, reliable, resistant “work mule” suitable for intensive use. It is a first stage appreciated by diving centres and professional work companies who consider it a very productive tool thanks to its low cost and virtually no maintenance required, in exchange for an amazing level of performance. Conical filter with large filtering capacity, essential to avoid the entry of particles from the cylinder. This feature is particularly important for school or rental regulators. 1 7/16 ”high pressure (HP) outlet and 4 3/8” low pressure (LP) ports. 100% complete maintenance kit which includes very low cost preventive spare parts. Weight: INT (rim): 615 g / DIN 480 g SECOND STAGE XS COMPACT: New ultra-simplified second stage single-shell acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) + elastomer, very small and super light (145 g) Particularly reduced exhalation effort Purge button, practically integral, TECHNICAL FEATURES 1st STAGE - Unbalanced piston - 1 HP 7/16 UNF outputs - 4 MP 3/8 UNF outputs - Working pressure: 300 bar (4350 psi) DIN version, 232 bar (3365 psi) International version - Calibration pressure: 9-10 Bar - Nickel-plated brass body - High capacity conical filter in chemically nickel-plated spherical bronze - Long life piston in AISI 316 steel - Simplified calibration system - Calibration spring in stainless steel - Quantity of air supplied: 2100 l / min - INT version weight: 635 gr - DIN version weight: 495 gr EN250 / 2000 HOMOLOGATION 2nd STAGE TECHNICAL FEATURES - Downstream system - Adjustable Venturi effect - Patented anti-friction lever - Thermal conductor body in technopolymer - Large purge button - Scratch-resistant surface - Bayonet cap holder with safety lock - Stainless steel cover - Exhaust tee removable without tools - Weight without hose: 140 gr COMBINED PERFORMANCE - Average cracking effort 7.5 mbar - Average respiratory effort 1.2 J / l Extremely light and flexible WHIP: 153 gr EN250 / 2014 CERTIFICATION 2nd STAGE XS COMPACT PRO: Ideal second stage for use as an emergency second stage, the Compact delivers the performance of a large regulator in a small body that can be easily stored. 2nd STAGE TECHNICAL FEATURES - Downstream system - Adjustable Venturi effect - Patented anti-friction lever - Large purge button - Technopolymer body thermally conductive - Scratch-resistant surface - Bayonet hood holder with safety lock - Stainless steel lid - Removable exhalation deflector - Weight without hose: 140 g COMBINED PERFORMANCE - Average cracking force of 7.5 mbar - Average respiratory effort of 1.2 J / l Flexible whip extremely light and flexible weight: 153 gr. CERTIFICATION IN 250/2014 _ A> 10 ° C

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