Your instructor will start by getting you comfortable breathing underwater in a pool or sheltered water and then develop your skills so that you are competent to dive safely in open water. After that you’ll head out for a series of at least four dives to develop your skills and confidence in open water. On your open water diving course, you will, Learn how to use basic dive gear, including your mask and snorkel. Control your buoyancy and underwater movements Understand your basic scuba diving safety skills – you’ll find out the importance of time, depth and gas Discover how to plan and manage your diving. The ocean diver course includes six theory modules, at least five sessions in a pool or sheltered water, and at least four open-water dives. Our ocean diver course is continually assessed. So, after your classroom and in-water training and a short theory exam, you’ll have the grounding to continue your scuba diving journey as an open water diver. This course is suitable for divers aged 12 and above. All BSAC courses require membership of BSAC & your theory on top of our training costs please email or call 07990605646 he will organise your membership and theory , then get back to us to start your training.